Ohio Adult Allies Summit

Welcome to the 6th annual Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network Adult Allies Summit!

Youth leaders today are bright, hardworking, and full of passion. They’re working to improve their homes, schools, and communities. As adult allies, it’s our job to support them. Adult allies are crucial to the success of youth-led prevention. They educate young people in evidence-based strategies for prevention, empower them to create change in their communities, and advocate on behalf of them with school and community leaders.

Prevention Action Alliance, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University, is proud to bring you the Ohio Adult Allies Summit.

On this page, you’ll find descriptions for each of our sessions and links to PDFs of the presentations. You can bookmark and return to this page after the conference.


TIC: The Impact of Trauma

By Bobbi Beale, PsyD

This session introduces how research has informed our knowledge of trauma’s impact over the last 30 years. We’ll use the Adverse Childhood Experiences Studies to review how pervasive trauma is; poverty’s overwhelming power; fight, flight, and freeze; typical stress response patterns; and how these responses get hardwired. We’ll explore common trauma responses and how to be supportive and effective in our interactions. We’ll wrap up with practical strategies for trauma-informed care and crisis management.

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Evidence-Based Strategies in Building Resiliency in Youth and Communities

By Dr. Keith King

This presentation provides information on evidence-based strategies to build resiliency in youth and communities. It aims to ensure participants thoroughly understand factors associated with resiliency building and how youth-led efforts can foster resiliency within schools, peer groups, and communities. This session gives you a better understanding of resiliency and getting youth involved in healthy behaviors. You’ll also discuss the importance of adult allies in assisting youth to build resiliency.

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Understanding Suicide Risk among Young People & Empowering Them to Become Suicide Prevention Advocates

By John Ackerman, Ph.D.

This session discusses programs that increase awareness and skills around emotional wellness and suicide prevention. It highlights the problem of youth suicide and core elements of programs that reduce suicide risk. Also, it shares practical steps to identify and support young people in distress. You’ll learn novel ways to empower youth leaders to build a culture of mental health, tackle projects consistent with what works in reducing mental health stigma, and engage in responsible conversation around suicide prevention.

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