Big Bowl Vote

More than 96 million people watched part or all of Super Bowl LV, including a record number of digital viewers. Millions of those viewers are teenagers who watch not only the game but also ads for products containing alcohol. At Prevention Action Alliance, we were concerned about the effects of alcohol ads on youth across the U.S. So, we created the Big Bowl Vote to survey young people about what ads they remember seeing, which ones they liked, and what they liked about those ads. Consistently, ads for alcohol products have ranked among teens’ favorite ads. In fact, last year, youth overwhelmingly voted the Bud Light ad featuring Post Malone as their favorite for its humor and its use of a celebrity they recognize and admire. In the end, the Bud Light-Post Malone ad appealed more to youth than to adults.

The Big Bowl Vote gives educators a teachable moment to talk about media literacy, so students can understand, analyze, and guard against the influential power of advertisements for alcohol. The Big Bowl Vote can be implemented in virtually any setting, and it aligns with the National Health Education Standards. The survey itself can be used to teach students to analyze the influence of media as a factor affecting health behaviors.

By teaching our kids to analyze ads and how they affect us, we can reduce the impact they have on our young people and reduce underage and binge drinking. So please consider joining us for the Big Bowl Vote.

The Big Bowl Vote helps young people to become critical consumers of information in our world today.

— Darren Hartberg
7th, 8th Grade Health Educator, Oregon Middle School

Thanks to all who participated in the 2021 Big Bowl Vote! Read this year’s report here.

Information regarding the next Big Bowl Vote will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

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