BUZZKILL helps colleges educate their students about their responsibility when hosting parties and the consequences that occur when underage students are provided alcohol.

Lots of young people, especially those on college campuses, don’t know that hosting a party and allowing underage friends to have or consume alcohol can harm their friends and get their friends and themselves into trouble.

BUZZKILL is a program that helps colleges educate their students about the responsibilities and consequences of hosting parties that include underage students and alcohol. It’s an eye-catching social host campaign that features planning aids, customizable materials and print-ready artwork. It’s easy to implement, especially when using our user-friendly Program Kit, which is available through the BUZZKILL Member Center.

In order to maximize the impact of the BUZZKILL: Serve Under 21 and the Party’s Over message, examine your campus and surrounding community to determine the most effective ways to get the message disseminated.



  • In conjunction with law enforcement, mail a letter to students co-signed by the university president.
  • Make announcements at sporting events.
  • Develop text alerts for students.
  • Collaborate with Residence Life, Fraternities, & Sororities
  • Involve students in the messaging through student written and narrated radio advertisements.
  • Empower students to post the message of ‘Serve under 21 and the Party’s Over’ on social media outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Work with students to develop a safe party kit that includes program materials.


  • Program window clings in entrances or on alcohol coolers.
  • Post the campaign message on marquees outside of businesses.
  • Place posters in high student use areas such as Laundromats and convenience stores.

Law Enforcement

  • Increase monitoring of teen house parties during high-risk times such as Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Inform the campus that there will be an increase in monitoring for teen house parties.
  • Place campaign logo and law enforcement telephone number in bus stop shelters.


  • Place the campaign ad on radio and TV stations.
  • Place the campaign logo and information ads in newspapers.
  • Post information with links on websites.


  • Have campus and elected officials speak to students about the importance of making healthy choices.
  • Post campaign materials, such as posters in waiting and examination rooms.
  • Distribute materials at all community festivals and display information at community parades.

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