Community Engagement

Mobilize the Community

Community mobilization efforts benefit from concrete, successful activities which engage diverse sectors of the community in fresh and meaningful ways.

Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking is a “turn-key” program for community mobilization, which means that short-term efforts can quickly garner community support, raise awareness and provide a success for community members engaged in the project.

Whether you are just beginning to convene community members around alcohol and other drug prevention, or if you have established community partnerships, Parents Who Host, Lose the Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking can maximize your community change efforts.

This project helped us initiate dialog with our Chiefs of Police that has grown into a true Partnership of consistent messaging and consequences. A key factor that has contributed to decreased underage drinking in our community. – Pat VanOflen, Coalition for a Safe & Drug-Free Fairfield

Maximize Your Campaign Impact

Examine your community to determine the most effective ways to get the message disseminated. The suggestions below, organized by sector, are examples of successful engagement strategies employed by many communities across the nation. The complete list of sectors and strategies is available in the Parents Who Host Member Center.


  • Put program information in school newsletters from the principal or superintendent.
  • Mail the PWH fact cards or pledge cards to parents of high school students along with prom or graduation information.
  • Develop a parent pledge in which parents commit to not host parties where alcohol is available to teens.
  • Develop text alerts for parents/students.
  • Incorporate the message into pre-season parent sports meetings.
  • Collaborate with PTO/PTA to send program information to parents.


  • Display program posters for employees and customers.
  • Use fact cards as bag stuffers.
  • Place static clings with program logo on alcohol coolers.
  • Place stickers on delivery boxes (appropriate for pizza shops, florists, bakers, dry cleaners, etc.).
  • For fast-food restaurants, place program stickers or stamps on all to-go bags and tray liners.

Law Enforcement

  • Print law enforcement telephone number on materials to report parties.
  • Increase monitoring of teen house parties during prom and graduation weekends.
  • Inform parents that there will be an increase in monitoring for teen house parties.
  • Post the campaign logo and law enforcement telephone number on billboards.
  • Place campaign logo and law enforcement telephone number in bus stop shelters.


  • Distribute ready-to-use parent handouts, such as Parents: Know The Facts and Parent Party Tips.
  • Send text messages to students on prom and graduation nights reminding them to be safe.
  • Volunteer to place a campaign yard sign in the front yard.


  • Run a story in the newspaper promoting the program message.
  • Write an editorial about the importance of program message.
  • Promote program message through radio, TV or newspaper interviews.
  • Place program logo and information ads in newspapers or on radio stations.
  • Post information about Parents Who Host on websites.