How to Assess Underage Drinking in Your Community

The first phase of solving a complex problem like underage drinking is to identify that problem’s scope and its various parts. To effectively prevent underage drinking, you have to assess your community’s behaviors and attitudes towards underage drinking. How do parents feel about underage drinking in their community? Are they aware of how large a problem it is? Do they know how youth get alcohol? Do they know what drinks kids are drinking and where kids are partying? Are they aware of your community’s laws regarding social hosting?

The Parent Survey on Underage Alcohol Use is just one of the many tools in the Parents Who Host Implementation Guide. It’s best used before and after your campaign to provide pre- and post-intervention data to help you watch how attitudes and behaviors change over time. It can even be used for several years consecutively to give you a comprehensive overview of community attitudes. It’s easy to distribute, and it takes only minutes for parents in your community to fill out the survey.

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