An Easy Win for Our Communities

Prevention Action Alliance updates the Parents Who Host Member Center with new statistics and recommended strategies annually. With so many communities implementing the program, there are always fresh, new ideas to share.

The Member Center provides information to assist communities with implementation planning, ready-to-use reproducible materials, print-ready artwork and materials that can easily be customized. Over 30 items are available!

  • The program addresses an issue UNIVERSAL to all communities.
  • The program is EASY to implement.
  • Everything you need is provided in the user-friendly format in the Member Center.

Building Partnerships

Maximize effectiveness and increase the distribution of this important message to communities by working to partner with various groups including schools, businesses, media, faith-based organizations and parent groups. Most importantly, community groups should work with law enforcement to ensure that parents will lose the most if they host underage drinking parties. Without buy-in from law enforcement, the initiative’s message will fall flat.

Ensuring Success: Follow These Steps

  • Step One – Register at the Member Center for a $50 one-time fee to receive your annually updated program kit materials.
  • Step Two – After logging into the Member Center, review the Community Engagement Strategies and the Community Engagement Strategies Planner documents located in the Implementation Planning Tools section.
  • Step Three – Identify key community members you can partner with to plan your community campaign.