Advocacy is the act of lending your voice to improve the lives of others.

Anyone can be an advocate, and, in fact, everyone advocates for something at some point in their life—asking for a raise at work or for a new job, seeking an opportunity for your child, sharing your story about prevention or mental health issues, or more. At the same time, advocacy can take many forms. It can involve writing letters and emails, making phone calls, meeting with lawmakers and other community leaders, hosting an event or rally, giving speeches, making donations or hosting fundraisers, and more.

When people like you educate lawmakers about prevention and the importance of supporting public health, you help create a better, safer, healthier world for families and communities throughout Ohio. You don’t have to do this work alone, however. As a statewide prevention agency, Prevention Action Alliance works to empower advocates with resources, information, and opportunities for advocacy.

PAA’s Resources for Prevention Advocates

How You Can Advocate for Prevention