Advocate for Prevention Funding

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has placed tremendous strain on our healthcare system, and the behavioral healthcare system is not immune from that. Use of crisis support services and telehealth mental health services are on the rise, and people are turning to substances to cope with the enhanced stress, anxiety, isolation, and depression.

It’s vitally important then that we respond by increasing the capacity of our behavioral healthcare system to support people. We can prevent mental health issues from worsening by giving people the support and coping strategies they need now. We cannot do that, however, if funding and support for this system are reduced.

On this page, you’ll find a customizable press release and letter to the editor to help you convey this important message to your community, including your community’s leaders. There’s also a letter you can send directly to your community leaders urging them to protect funding for mental and behavioral healthcare services. Finally, there’s a sample phone script to help you plan and guide a phone conversation with your legislator or a legislative aide.

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