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Know! is an educational program created by Prevention Action Alliance that empowers parents and teachers to promote health and wellness and protect the young people in their lives from unhealthy behaviors, including alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Know! provides ongoing, timely, and relevant information about the latest trends in behavioral health and substance misuse prevention with an eye towards how parents and teachers can use that information to support young people. As parents, teachers, and other caring adults learn about the issues affecting youth, they can take steps to support their kids in making healthy choices. To take advantage of this program, all you have to do is sign up for Know! Parent Tips or Know! Teachable Moments.

Since 2005, Know! has helped tens of thousands of parents and teachers and has been relied upon by schools, superintendents, state departments of education, prevention coalitions, churches, and others to support young people’s healthy development. Here, you can find our Know! tips on various topics for several years.

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