Issue 1

Prevention Action Alliance resolutely believes non-violent individuals with substance use disorders should receive treatment for their disease instead of being incarcerated. The proposed constitutional amendment fails to provide a well-crafted approach to this end. Ensuring individually tailored, successful treatment is too complicated for a ballot measure to effectively require. Issue 1 would hamstring courts from guiding people into treatment by taking away important disincentives. Treating people with substance use disorders is multifaceted. It requires much more than a broadly worded ballot measure. Thoughtful legislation guided by experts in the fields of substance misuse and abuse and taking into consideration proven, evidence-based strategies will lead to positive outcomes. We implore the Ohio General Assembly to seek bi-partisan legislative solutions to address the incarceration of non-violent offenders with substance use disorders. We also ask that voters vote against this well-intentioned, yet poorly construed, ballot initiative.

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