Coalitions Rising: Monday, September 17th

Monday, September 17th

Thank you for coming to Coalitions Rising!

Here, you’ll find all of the slides and handouts referred to by the presenters in your sessions. You can print them before the conference or plan to access them via laptop or smartphone during the conference. Coalitions Rising is a green conference, and printed copies of these handouts won’t be provided during the conference.

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Updates from OhioMHAS

By Dr. Mark Hurst

In this session, Dr. Mark Hurst will outline pertinent initiatives and updates from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Dr. Hurst will also emphasize the importance of prevention in the field of behavioral health and across the continuum of care. Finally, this keynote will explore how the critical advocacy of community coalitions create healthier Ohio communities.

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Drug Use Prevention Workshop: A Guide to Practical Prevention Implementation

By Tia Moretti

Participants will identify practical ways to begin or enhance prevention services in their communities and schools. This workshop will utilize the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Drug Use Prevention Resource Guide. This guide is a user friendly, step-by-step tool that highlights community-based programming and services.

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The Power and Value of Youth: Connecting Youth-Led Prevention Work and Coalition Initiatives

By Julianna Fellows & Katie Gardner

This session will provide participants with a greater understanding of the value of youth participation in community prevention efforts. It will explore how coalitions can begin to reframe their thinking to open up an opportunity for collaboration with youth-led programs to assist in addressing coalition initiatives.

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Gambling and Health: Community Survey Analysis and Focus Populations

By Stacey Frohnaphfel-Hasson

Now that Ohio has extensive gambling survey data, how do we translate it into community-based prevention to affect behavior among youth and adults? Surveys from nearly 25,000 adults and thousands of adolescents provide detailed insight about populations of focus and how best to prevent problem gambling and co-occurring issues.

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Maximizing the Use of the Hidden in Plain Sight Program

By Jodi Salvo

This workshop will challenge coalitions who are using Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) or are interested in exploring the use of HIPS to maximize its potential. This session will discuss how HIPS can build coalition capacity, create opportunities to educate stakeholders on prevention, and ways to use HIPS to share community data and build parental skills in talking with their children around the issue of substance use.

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Ohio’s SPF Rx: Background, Updates, and Tools for Implementations in Your Community

By Tessa Miracle

This workshop will discuss the Strategic Prevention Framework, the relevance of this sustainable and culturally competent framework in the Appalachian communities served by this initiative, and implementation tips and ideas to take back to your community. This session will identify barriers and facilitators to our success, foster collaboration and aims to provide resources and capacity for coalitions, organizations, and community members to implement effective, evidence-based prevention practices targeting prescription drug misuse and abuse.

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Innovation in Prevention: Stories from the Field

By Cindy Audina, Tristyn Eppley, Denise Meine-Graham, Clare Rosser, & Beth Thomas

Innovation comes in many different forms. Through these stories from the field, this keynote session will explore five different issues in communities across Ohio and how coalitions set out to address them. These short talks will focus on suicide prevention and postvention, communication strategies for medical marijuana, and including non-traditional partners in prevention work.

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