Coalitions Rising: Tuesday, September 18th

Tuesday, September 18th

Thank you for coming to Coalitions Rising!

Here, you’ll find all of the slides and handouts referred to by the presenters in your sessions. You can print them before the conference or plan to access them via laptop or smartphone during the conference. Coalitions Rising is a green conference, and printed copies of these handouts won’t be provided during the conference.

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A Holistic Look at Prevention

By Jessica Nickel

Prevention is not a standalone profession or science. Examining brain science of addiction and the definition of prevention will provide a holistic viewpoint from which we work. By highlighting successful local, state, and federal prevention strategies this keynote session will provide context for prevention work in Ohio.

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Rural Coalitions Embarking on the Medication-Assisted Treatment

By Milan Karna & Stacey Logwood

Two rural coalitions tackle issues like stigma with addiction, underutilization of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), and increasing the overall knowledge of the community on both the issues and services available. This presentation will briefly discuss what MAT is and explain project details and innovative approaches that these two coalitions used during an opportunity they received during the Ohio MAT Awareness Project within this past year.

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Collective Impact for Coalitions: Can I Do It? Will It Work? Is It Worth It?

By Carrie Burggraf & Dr. Holly Raffle

This session will look at an example of how communities are using Ohio’s Community Collective Impact Model for Change (CCIM4C) Initiative to address the opioid epidemic and other problems in their communities. This session will describe Collective Impact as it relates to the CCIM4C and provide community examples and discussion on the successes, difficulties, and lessons learned in using Collective Impact to structure their coalitions. Finally, this session will pose three important questions to determine the value of working toward community change using the Collective Impact Model – “Can I do it? Will it work? Is it worth it?”

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Alcohol Compliance in the Age of Grocery Home Delivery and the Internet

By Sean Oziegbe

This session will review youth consumption data and provide an overview of new advances in technology that could allow youth to attain alcohol via new grocery delivery options and alcohol delivery companies. Participants will be provided background information on current Ohio Revised Codes pertaining to alcohol online deliveries, alcohol identification laws, compliance check laws. This session will conclude with brainstorming ideas for compliance in the current era of alcohol delivery systems.

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Starfish and Suicide Prevention

By Lori Higgins

Are you familiar with the story of the boy saving the washed-up starfish? This session will describe the utilization of the Strategic Prevention Framework to better understand suicide prevention and community needs. Learn how to create a proactive plan, promoting suicide prevention as a community staple.

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Changing Landscapes in Marijuana: What Cross-County Listening Sessions Revealed

By Deb  Neyer, Charla Henderson, Kristina Latta, and Amy Macechko

How are changing laws and media affecting marijuana attitudes and perception of harm? Five Butler County Coalitions pooled resources to conduct environmental scans and listening sessions among a variety of populations. This session describes the process, results, and implications for prevention while dispelling common marijuana myths.

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Regulating Medical Marijuana in Ohio

By Mark Hamlin

House Bill 523, effective on September 8, 2016, legalized the use of medical marijuana in Ohio for people with certain medical conditions that received a recommendation from an Ohio-licensed physician certified by the State Medical Board. This presentation will discuss the regulatory and licensing framework, the program’s efforts to ensure a safe, quality product is available to consumers, and the long-term goals of the program.

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