OCI-SOCPA Annual Conference

Thank you for coming to the Ohio College Initiative & Small Ohio College Prevention Association Annual Conference! Here you’ll find all the slides and handouts referred to by the presenters in your sessions. You can access them here during or after the conference. The OCI-SOCPA Annual Conference is a green conference, and printed copies won’t be provided during the conference.

Engaging Parents in AOD Prevention: Results from Clinical Trials Examining the Efficacy of the Parent Handbook

By Rob Turrisi, Ph.D.

This session will consider the research on parental influences, share the most recent science on the impact of the Parent Handbook, discuss strategies for engaging parents, consider opportunities for partnering with parents, and explore approaches for overcoming “real world” and administrative barriers to implementing evidence-based approaches.

The Reach Out Mobile App: A Customized Suicide Prevention Resource Your Students

By Ken Browner, Psy.D.

This presentation will offer a brief overview of mobile apps for suicide prevention and mental health promotion with a focus on Lakeland Community College’s Reach Out app as well as a partnership with the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. You will learn to recognize technological developments affecting the way students access messaging and resources related to mental health, how to describe the functions and content of prevention-focused mobile apps designed for college students, and evaluate the benefits and costs of participating in the OSPF’s Reach Out Campus Affiliate Program.

Changing Campus Culture: Making Progress in Our Efforts to End Sexual Violence in Ohio

By Kerry Soller

In 2015, the Ohio Department of Higher Education released a comprehensive approach to ending sexual violence on Ohio’s college campuses. With support from campus leadership, the Governor’s Office, and the Ohio Legislature, resources and supports rooted in best practices have improved prevention and response efforts. This session will review the work that has been done and what work still needs to be done to achieve the ultimate goal of ending sexual violence on Ohio campuses.

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program

By Taylor Kachmarik

Youth vaping is currently at epidemic proportions. This presentation will describe the current state of the youth vaping epidemic and showcase collaborations between local health departments and local campuses in addressing substance misuse. It will also address Tobacco 21 policies that have already been passed by local governments and how these policies affect local campuses.