The GAP Network

Tens of thousands of Ohio families have faced the challenges of substance misuse. Thousands of them have suffered devastating losses because of it. Many have decided to turn their grief into action and turn to The G.A.P. Network for guidance and support.

“We are grateful for the resources and the people we have met through The GAP Network who have come along side of us. It has been a valuable support to Paul and me in a journey that we never imagined we would be on but, unfortunately, is one that all too many parents are taking.” —Ellen Schoonover, Mother

The GAP  (through Grief, Advocating for Prevention) Network was created to bring information, education, advocacy opportunities, networking, and support to individuals who have lost a loved one to an overdose and to family engagement groups that are working to end addiction to prescription drugs and opiates in Ohio.

The GAP  Network gives a voice to shattered families, provides needed support, and works diligently together to raise awareness, advocate for change, and impact policies that can save more Ohio families from the devastation of drug addiction.

Use The GAP Network directory above to search through all known grief and support groups that specifically focus on bringing people together and supporting those who have felt the unique grief of overdose loss. The listed support groups are grassroots-led, faith-based, and professionally-led and are throughout Ohio. To have your group included in the GAP Network Directory, please contact us by emailing

To learn more about or join The G.A.P. Network, contact us at (614) 540-9985 or email us at