Grieving Out Loud

Every day, more than 10 families in Ohio suffer the loss of an overdose death. Not only are they suffering the loss of a loved one, but they’re also experiencing the whirlwind of emotions that accompany deaths due to overdoses—sadness, anger, relief, and others. Then, they have to deal with the shame that’s projected onto them by a society that stigmatizes overdose deaths and the disease of addiction.

Everyone grieves differently and in their own way. Some people cope with self-reflection, journal writing, or talking with a friend. Others use art, nature, or professional support. These are all healthy ways to cope with grief. The G.A.P. Network has created a series of resources that we hope can help people in their grief. Please use these resources if they help, and share them with those you know who might find them valuable.

If you need additional support do not hesitate to reach out. You can text 4HOPE to 741-741 or contact your local mental health and addiction board.

To learn more about or join The G.A.P. Network, contact us at (614) 540-9985 or email us at