Big Bowl Vote

Millions of people, including teens, watch the Super Bowl. That means millions of teens see ads for chips, detergent, cars, and even alcohol. Last year alone, teens watched almost 6 minutes of ads for alcohol products. According to the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, those ads make them more likely to drink and more likely to drink more heavily.

Alcohol companies know this. That’s why they spend millions of dollars per year advertising their products in ways that impact not just adults but also young people.

We created the Big Bowl Vote to raise awareness about this fact and to give teachers, educators, and our other prevention partners the skills needed to take advantage of this teachable moment. It’s a simple, nationwide survey about how alcohol ads impact young people and the media literacy skills they need to defend themselves against the influence of those ads.

The Big Bowl Vote will be held February 3. The 2020 Big Bowl Vote Playbook has not yet been released. To learn more and to participate in the Big Bowl Vote, please fill out the form below.