Big Bowl Vote

Millions of people, including millions of teens and young people, watch the Super Bowl each year. In fact, last time more than 103.4 million people watched the Super Bowl, a downturn from the 111.3 million that watched it in 2017.

The flip side of those millions of viewers for the game is the millions of people who watch the ads, including those teens. Every year, the Super Bowl exposes millions of young people to ads for chips, detergent, cars, and even alcohol.

With millions of teens watching ads for beer during the Super Bowl, it poses a question: What effect do all these beer ads have on those teens?

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, young people on average see 23 ads for alcohol each month. And those ads influence young people to view alcohol more favorably and, thus, drink more.

Alcohol companies know this. That’s why they spend tens of millions of dollars per year advertising their products, especially on sports TV. The ads we watch during the Super Bowl contribute to underage drinking throughout the country.

That’s why we at Prevention Action Alliance created the Big Bowl Vote to raise awareness about the harms these ads are causing our children and to urge parents and those who work with youth to teach our young people to be aware of how advertisers try to manipulate them.

By teaching our kids to analyze ads and how they affect us, we can reduce the impact they have on our young people and reduce underage and binge drinking.

This year, we’re bringing back the Big Bowl Vote and doubling our commitment to media literacy to better prepare parents, teachers, those who work with youth, and the youth themselves for a world where companies advertise addictive, age-restricted products to youth.

We’re making the survey easier to administer and tally, and we’re expanding the questions to get students thinking about how advertising influences them and measure how media literate they are.

So please consider joining us for the Big Bowl Vote on Monday, February 4, immediately after the Super Bowl.

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