Good Behavior Game Teacher Training (Virtual – Session Full)

What is PAX Good Behavior Game?

PAX Good Behavior Game® (PAX GBG) is a school-based, classroom preventative intervention implemented by educators to teach students self-regulation. PAX GBG is not a set of lessons or a curriculum, but strategies teachers use throughoutv their day to build students’ behavioral skills and stamina for focused attention and on-task behavior.

Longitudinal research by Johns Hopkins University has shown that students who received PAX Good Behavior Game are more likely to experience success in school and have significantly improved lifetime outcomes.

About PAX Good Behavior Game Training

PAX GBG Initial Training consists of 6 content hours where participants learn how to implement eleven evidence-based strategies in their classrooms during normal instruction. Participants receive a PAX GBG Kit complete with the PAX Good Behavior Game Manual, materials to implement PAX Strategies, and access to the PAX UP! Teacher App. Teachers leave training with everything they need to start implementing PAX GBG right away!

For more information, please contact Melissa Cole