Ohio College Initiative Annual Meeting

Ohio’s colleges and universities have a profound impact on the students that attend them. Not only do they educate the young adults of Ohio on science, art, and professions, but they also prepare them for the rest of their lives as responsible citizens. Nowhere is that more evident than in the offices responsible for promoting the health of their respective student bodies.

The Ohio College Initiative supports the health and wellness professionals of Ohio’s colleges and universities in their mission to provide safer, healthier campuses for their students. The Ohio College Initiative Annual Meeting is a one-day conference for OCI members that highlights prevention solutions being implemented on college campuses across Ohio. Join us as we network and bring together college administrators and health and wellness professionals to address high-risk drinking, student drug misuse and addiction, and mental health issues.

Registration for this event is not yet live. Registration and other information about this event will be announced via the Ohio College Initiative newsletter. Contact Bobby Persinger, director of the Ohio College Initiative, for more information.