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Statewide Prevention Coalition Association Meeting

Members of the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association are invited to join us for a SPCA meeting on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at the Matthew B. Schoonover Educational Center at Prevention Action Alliance.

The topics and speakers for this meeting will be announced in your SPCA newsletter. We will also receive updates from partners throughout the state, review recent advocacy and legislative news, and provide opportunities for networking.

Not yet a SPCA member? Join today to take your coalition efforts to the next level. SPCA members get exclusive access to regular SPCA meetings, where members learn and share best practices. As member, you’ll also receive discounts on Prevention Action Alliance training services, support for your advocacy efforts, access to the regular SPCA newsletter, and a discount on membership to the Community Anti-Drugs Coalition of America. Membership is valid until June 30, 2020.

Registration for this event is not yet live. Registration will be announced in the SPCA newsletter, and this page will be updated at that time. Please contact Rachael Kenter, director of community engagement programs at Prevention Action Alliance, with questions.