We Are The Majority Rally 2021

Did you know that the majority of young people do not use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs? It’s true. In survey after survey of Ohio youth, the results show that the majority of young people make the healthy choice to avoid drinking, smoking, vaping, prescription drug misuse, and other drug use. Despite this fact, many youth feel as though most of their peers are using substances, which can in turn make them feel alone when they make healthy decisions and create peer pressure to join them.

The We Are The Majority Rally is a youth-led movement celebrating the fact that the majority of youth do not misuse alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, and it shares messages of hope, inspiration, and solidarity with youth across our state. Young people who participate in the WATM Rally learn that it’s normal for youth to avoid drinking, smoking, or using other drugs and that they’re not alone when they prioritize their health.

More details about the WATM Rally will be shared here as those details are finalized by Prevention Action Alliance staff and its Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network Youth Council, which plans and leads the WATM Rally annually. To ensure you get the latest updates about this event, including details about the agenda and when the event will be held, make sure you sign up for emails about the rally using the form below.

The WATM Rally will be held on May 7, 2021, at 5 p.m.

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