Addiction & the Brain

We at Prevention Action Alliance are proud to have teamed up with the Addiction Policy Forum to release “Addiction & the Brain,” a video for teens that explains how repeated substance use can hijack the brain functions and the importance of delaying use until the brain has fully developed. The videos explain the basics of neuroscience so teens can understand why they should protect their brains from substance use during their crucial phase of development.

We encourage you to share the full video and the shortened clips below widely on social media, by email, on websites, at community functions, and with your friends and family. All of us have a role in prevention. Sharing and disseminating potentially life-saving information could be yours.

Addiction & the Brain

Addiction & the Brain: The Hijacker

Addiction & the Brain: Pre-Frontal Cortex

Addiction & the Brain: Not All Become Addicted

Addiction & the Brain: Limbic System