Practical Principle 40: Positive View of Personal Future

To encourage youth and support strong families and communities, try incorporating the Guiding Growth tips below into your daily routine

Practical Principle: Positive View of Personal Future

Young person is optimistic about their personal future.

Guiding Growths

  • Demonstrate your own positive view of your personal future by focusing on the process rather than the outcome. Talking with and showing your child(ren) that life is a journey not a destination will help them understand that even if something doesn’t go their way, that’s no reason to become pessimistic.
  • Host a 7-day family positivity challenge. Over the course of a week practice one activity each day that promotes happiness and positivity. It could be helping someone else, setting (and achieving) a simple goal or practicing positive affirmations. The more you promote constructive positivity, the more ingrained it becomes.


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