Safe Disposal

Monitoring, securing and properly disposing of your own prescription drugs can prevent the misuse of prescription drugs. Prescription drug misuse is an epidemic, and more than half of those who misuse prescription drugs, including teens, get their drugs from a friend or relative.


Keep track of how many pills are in your house and in each bottle or packet of prescription drugs. Similarly, keep track of how many refills you must get for all members in your household. If you’re refilling medications more often than expected, this could indicate a problem.

If you have a teen with a prescribed medicine, make sure you control their medication and monitor the dosages and refills.


Medications should be protected to prevent inappropriate access. Lock up your medications using either a safe or a lock, and never leave medications in a visible place to deter theft. You should also avoid sharing information with anyone about what drugs may be in your home, but tell friends and family to secure their medication.


Every year, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration hosts a National Prescription Drug Take Back Day as a part of its initiative to prevent prescription drug misuse.

There are dozens of prescription drug drop boxes in police departments across Ohio. You can find a list of these mailbox style bins and their locations on the Ohio Attorney General’s website.

For more information about disposing of medicine, check out the Food and Drug Administration’s website on Where and How to Dispose of Unused Medicines.