Ohio’s SafeRx Collaborative

Unused prescription drugs create safety risks for our families, pets, and communities, and they’re an environmental risk to the water that we all swim, drink, and play in. Unused medicines may have lost their efficacy, our friends and family members may get into those medicines and misuse them, and our pets can poison themselves on unused medicines. To address these risks, we joined Ohio’s SafeRx Collaborative along with Summit County Community Partnership, Ohio’s SPF Rx Initiative, and Interact for Change. The collaborative is working to distribute more than 60,000 prescription drug deactivation pouches throughout Ohio to get unused and expired prescription drugs out of our homes and properly disposed.

The deactivation pouches make it safe, convenient, and easy to dispose of unused prescription drugs at home. Ohio’s Safe Rx Collaborative provides them for free to organizations that can distribute them across their community. If you want to dispose of your own medicines and can’t reach a prescription drug disposal site, you can also request a drug disposal pouch be shipped to you at no cost from the Ohio SPF Rx Initiative.

As part of Ohio’s SafeRx Collaborative, we created an educational flyer and booklet to promote safe prescription drug habits. Those materials can be purchased on our website and go well with any prescription drug safety campaign. We also created two videos to promote the availability of free drug deactivation pouches. We encourage you to share those videos with your friends, family, neighbors, community leaders, and others.