Our Statement on the George Floyd Protests

Prevention Action Alliance is dedicated to supporting healthy communities in the prevention of substance misuse and the promotion of mental health wellness. Cultural diversity, competence, and humility is a foundational component to effective and impactful prevention services and that mission cannot be fully realized while certain members of our communities are purposefully harmed by systems of oppression and violence that have been in place for far too long.

To the members of our black community, we see you, we hear you, and you matter to us. We have seen the damage that multigenerational trauma has on health outcomes, and understand the role that social determinants, including race, play in the occurrence of those outcomes and traumas. The recent death of George Floyd is more than a tragedy, it is an act of violence and hate that will be forever seared into the history and hearts of this nation. We condemn the violence that the black community has had to endure and support the unity and love that has been displayed at the protests.

We at Prevention Action Alliance believe that everyone has a role in prevention, and today we strengthen that statement by claiming that everyone has a role in combating racism and discrimination. Prevention Action Alliance will use its platforms to promote love, change, equality, equity, and unity and we ask our partners throughout the state do the same.