Vaping Toolkit

Despite the FDA ban of JUUL and ongoing focus on the health risks associated with vaping, youth e-cigarette use continues to increase. 1  It appears that the lessons taught by “Big Tobacco” have been utilized by the e-cigarette industry, creating products that appeal to kids. Rates of high school students who report using e-cigarettes is up from 11.3% in 2021 to 14.1% in 2022. The Annual National Youth Tobacco Survey reports that most current users (approximately 85%) use flavored e-cigarettes.1

The data illustrates that this problem is not going away and that further education for both adults and youth is needed to address this public health concern.

The staff at Prevention Action Alliance have worked together to gather information and resources to provide coalitions, concerned parents and educators, as well as other caring adults, with a Vaping Toolkit. The toolkit includes a white paper documenting the timeline and the impact of e-cigarettes in the United States. Also included in the toolkit is a printable asset that illustrates key data points, a slide deck for community conversations, resources for school administrators, and more.

We know that “Everyone Has a Role in Prevention,” and we are determined to provide resources that are valuable, vetted, and responsive. As the PAA team curates more resources, we will add them to the toolkit. Need a resource and would like assistance in development?  Reach out to the PAA team at

Download Your Electronic Toolkit