SPCA Annual Luncheon

Thank you for coming to the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association Annual Luncheon! Here, you’ll find all the presentations and handouts referred to by the presenters in their sessions. You can access them here during or after the conference. There’s also a number of media materials and resources that you can use to share data from the Ohio Health Issues Poll with your community.

The Ohio Health Issues Poll: Overview and Substance Use Results

By Susan Sprigg

The Ohio Health Issues Poll (OHIP) is an annual survey sponsored by Interact for Health to learn about the health status, behaviors, and opinions on health policy among adults in Ohio. Recent surveys have included questions about substance use, including opioid pain medication, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

This session will:

  • Introduce Interact for Health and OHIP.
  • Review previously released results related to substance use.
  • Present previously unreleased data on reported marijuana use among adults in Ohio.

>>> Download the OHIP survey findings flyer

>>> Access the full OHIP survey findings

>>> Download the press release sharing these findings

>>> Download the customizable letter to the editor urging parents to talk to their kids about marijuana

>>> Download social media graphics highlighting the health risks of marijuana use

>>> Download NIDA’s infographic on how marijuana impacts teens

>>> Download SAMHSA’s infographic “Tips for Teens: The Truth about Marijuana”

>>> Download Know! The Impact of Marijuana on Adolescents

>>> Download Know! What’s New with 420

Changing Landscapes in Marijuana: What Cross County Listening Sessions Revealed

By Deborah Neyer

How are changing laws/media effecting marijuana attitudes and perception of harm? Five Butler County Coalitions pooled resources to conduct environmental scans & listening sessions among a variety of populations.

This session will:

  • Provide an overview of the five county environmental scans and listening sessions.
  • Describe the process, results, and implications for prevention.
  • Dispel common myths about marijuana.

Opportunities for Prevention in a Changing Marijuana Landscape

By Gisela Rots

As more states legalize recreational marijuana use for adults and attitudes toward use become more favorable, efforts to prevent underage use become increasingly important. Yet communities often find it challenging to play a critical role in shaping the local marijuana landscape, believing instead that their only options are to ban recreational outlets entirely or do nothing.

To correct these misperceptions and empower communities to get involved, this session will explore concrete steps local prevention coalitions can take to reduce underage access to marijuana, focusing on the value of local ordinances and policies in curbing underage use. We will also highlight how communities are using strategies such as community conversations to engage community members in prevention activities.

Participants in this session will learn:

  • To identify types of policies shown to be effective in preventing youth marijuana use.
  • To describe two strategies for engaging community members in efforts to prevent youth marijuana use.
  • To be able to identify two lessons learned from states that have legalized recreational marijuana.