Know! Workbook for Parents


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Know! supports parents of middle school children by providing practical tips and information to help them talk to their children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. At $7.50, the Know! workbook’s 31 pages are a cost-effective way to nurture your child.

Inside, you’ll find information about how best to talk to your child, what substances and drugs your child may be exposed to, why people give in to using drugs and alcohol, and more.

Know! Parent Workbooks, sold individually.

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Clear and Consistent Messages

The suggestions in the Know! Parent Workbook are just that — suggestions. The information presented offers guiding principles for communicating with young people.

You will want to translate this information into your own words and use your own style in communicating it to your children. Look the Parent Workbook over and read the parts that seem most helpful to you, then refer back to it as opportunities arise throughout your child’s life.

Table of Contents:

  • Pages 4-5
    What Parents Really Need to Know!
  • Pages 6-7
    Facts You Should Know! About Young People and Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs.
  • Pages 8-20
    Know! the Five Reasons Young People Give for Using Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs.
  • Pages 21-26
    Raising Kids in the Know!: What You Can Do.
  • Pages 30-31
    Know! the substances Kids are Exposed to…