Know! Workbook for Parents – Package of 10


Parenting is hard. In addition to all the usual challenges of raising children, you want to help your kids make smart and healthy choices, like not using drugs. Yet, teens today face all kinds of new challenges. They’re bullied at home on social media, advertised to by e-cigarette companies, may have lost family to the opioid epidemic, and face great academic and social stressors. At the same time, they’re faced with old challenges, like binge drinking and youth cigarette use. Combined, these represent a real threat to the health and wellbeing of young people everywhere.

At Prevention Action Alliance, we created Know! to educate parents and teachers on the risks faced by young people today and to empower them to support their children and students in making healthy choices. This Know! Parent Workbook is filled with information about various substances, how to talk to children about drugs and alcohol, why young people use drugs and alcohol, and what you can do to prevent substance use. It’s a great companion piece to the teen-friendly Know! Mental Health Pocket Pals and our free Know! Parent Tips.

This workbook is a terrific resource for parents, parent groups, anyone who teaches or works with parents, teachers, coaches, schools, coalitions, and others. Try partnering with your local school boards, superintendents, athletic associations, children’s services agencies, civic groups, and community clubs to disseminate these workbooks.

Quantity: in packs of 10.

You can also purchase these workbooks individually.

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