Prescription Drugs and You Membership

$49.99 for 1 year

The Prescription Drugs and You membership includes the digital resources you need to take your public health media campaign to the next level. This membership includes press engagement tools, social media graphics, sample posts for social media, premade presentations, resources for engaging the community, and customizable items for getting the word out about prescription drug safety and local resources for disposing of old, expired, or unneeded medicine.

When you purchase a Prescription Drugs and You membership, you get access to all of the resources in the Prescription Drugs and You member center. These resources are designed to help you communicate digitally and throughout the community about your campaign. The resources included in the membership include:

  • Billboard ads you can add your logo to
  • An infographic about prescription drug safety
  • Social media posts and images for raising awareness about prescription drug safety
  • Customizable press releases
  • Customizable letters to the editor
  • Customizable flyer for directing people to your prescription drug collection site or other disposal methods
  • Downloadable medicine logs to encourage safe prescription drug use
  • A PowerPoint presentation that you can update with local statistics and information.
  • And more

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