Know! Teachable Moments

We create two Know! Teachable Moments each month and email them to all who sign up to receive Know! Teachable Moments. As tips are added, we also post them to this webpage, where anyone can read them. Below, you’ll find a wide variety of Know! Teachable Moments on topics such as racism, COVID-19, alcohol, prescription drug misuse, and more. If you have a suggestion for a tip, please email us at


  • Know! Six R’s for Less Stress Schooling at Home – COVID-19 has many kids, parents, and teachers stressed in a learning-at-home environment. This Know! tip shares practical ways you can set up your kids—and you—for success.
  • Know! Teens in Disguise to Buy Alcohol – Some teens are taking advantage of the pandemic to use masks and fake IDs to purchase alcohol. This Know! tip shares more information about this trend and what you can do about underage drinking.

Racism and Equity

  • Know! To Talk about George Floyd and Racism with Youth – While it is difficult to talk about racism and police-involved killings, our kids are hearing about these topics, and they need our guidance. For expert recommendations about how to talk about George Floyd’s death and racism in general, read this Know! tip.
  • Know! To Define Racial Terms for Teens – Our kids hear and see the news, too, even if they may not have a robust understanding of all the terms used. This Know! tip will help you explain to your teen what words like bias, prejudice, white fragility, systemic racism, microaggressions, and more mean.
  • Know! to Continue the Conversation on Racism – Our children don’t live in isolated bubbles. With our entire nation undergoing a long-awaited dialogue on racism, this Know! tip shares ways that we can talk to our children about racism in a way that helps them understand what’s going on around them.
  • Know! July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – People who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color have less access to high-quality mental health care, which worsens their mental health outcomes. This Know! tip shares information about these disparities and the importance of watching for the warning signs of a mental health issue.

Prescription Drug Misuse

  • Know! To Beware the Benadryl Challenge – Isolated media reports indicate that some teens may be intentionally overdosing on Benadryl, an over-the-counter allergy medicine, and recording their experience on TikTok. Read this Know! tip to learn more about this challenge and what parents and teachers can do to protect their young people.
  • Know, Secure, Dispose to Prevention Prescription Drug Abuse – Prescription drugs are one of the most common drugs teens misuse and can lead to addiction, injury, or even death. By knowing about the medicines in our home, securing them, and disposing of ones we no longer need, we can ensure that these medicines remain helpful and don’t become harmful.
  • Know! To Bust the myths to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse – Teens don’t always know all the facts about prescription drug misuse. In this Know! tip, we’ve compiled the three facts every teen should know about prescription drugs.


  • Know! To Positively Connect with Your Teen – The relationship parents have with their children is crucial. Fostering that relationship to improve adolescent development, the subject of this Know! tip, is likewise crucial. Teachers, we encourage you to share this tip with parents in your networks.