We Are The Majority Rally

The We Are The Majority Rally is the signature event of the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network and the OYLPN Youth Council, both of which work year-round to build partnerships between youth and adult allies working in youth empowerment and youth-led prevention. Each year, hundreds of youth come to downtown Columbus for the WATM Rally, celebrate their drug-free lifestyle, raise awareness for about substance misuse, and advocate for youth-led prevention.

The rally corrects the misperception that most youth use drugs and show our youth for who they really are – friends who support one another and leaders working to build healthy communities, prevent substance misuse, and promote mental health wellness. The rally also affords hundreds of youth the opportunity to advocate for youth-led prevention at the Ohio Statehouse.

“I see the rally as a show of solidarity and that we can, as the majority, impact those who use and misuse and show them that our way of life – the healthy lifestyle – is the best one available. It shows that our unification can prevent others from making the wrong choice.” – Roshan, OYLPN Youth Council

With the help of schools, youth-serving organizations, and students from across Ohio, and with help from our sponsors, the seventh WATM Rally was the largest one ever with more than 2,100 youth participating despite cold temperatures and snow. Together, those youth built a community of drug-free youth with each other, raised awareness about the fact that the majority of youth in Ohio do not use drugs, and told state legislators and members of the media that they’re a part of the majority of youth who are making healthy and responsible decisions.

Registration for the 2019 We Are The Majority Rally isn’t open yet. Check back here, or on our events page, for up to date information.