Practical Principle 21: Achievement Motivation

To encourage youth and support strong families and communities, try incorporating the Guiding Growth tips below into your daily routine

Practical Principle: Achievement Motivation

Young person is motivated to do well in school.

Guiding Growths

  • Encourage your child(ren) to document their passions, dreams, and goals for school and their future.  Whether that’s a journal entry or a drawing, let them set personal goals. If they’re too young, have them tell you and you capture it in a way that suits them. Then, gift that document to them during a major accomplishment like graduation.
  • Use positive competition to support your child(ren)’s academic goals. Create a family academic bowl, jeopardy episode, or quiz show complete with questions everyone in the family can answer; the winner, each week, gets to choose a family movie or what to have for dinner.


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