Annual Reports


Our FY 2022 Annual Report


On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff members of Prevention Action Alliance, I am pleased to share Prevention Action Alliance’s FY 22 annual report with you.

As we began to plan and develop this report, I was reminded that prevention is often the balance of purposeful planning and being responsive to emerging needs. Prevention Action Alliance’s mission of leading healthy communities in the prevention of substance misuse and the promotion of mental health wellness guides our work. As we plan for each new fiscal year, we are mindful of our state’s substance misuse and behavioral health needs and strategically plan to assist communities with opportunities for learning, introductions to emerging best practices, technical assistance, and financial resources.

However, despite our best forecasting, other priorities emerge, and we must pivot to address real-time needs. Alcohol and e-cigarette sales increased during the pandemic. Recent data indicates the increased use of e-cigarettes to consume marijuana by youth ages 12 – 17.1 Even post-pandemic, we are experiencing the aftermath of the necessary lockdown. Adults, adolescents, and children are still experiencing high rates of anxiety and depression as they re-engage with friends, coworkers, and the community. Suicide and overdose deaths continue, as well as the consumption of alcohol as a coping mechanism. Certain groups seem to be more vulnerable 2,3 – young and older adults, children and youth, women, and health care workers, as well as members of Black, Hispanic and American Indian communities – but all of us are at risk because of this experience.

Fortunately, Prevention Action Alliance is agile and provides resources, strategies, and grant opportunities to support local work to address local concerns. This Annual Report highlights just a fraction of the excellent prevention work that PAA supports throughout the state. Just this last year, through generous support from the Anthem Foundation, PAA took a step to help schools provide additional prevention and wellness strategies through the launch of the Ohio Prevention and Wellness Academy. In partnership with Education Development Center (EDC) and Miami University, the Academy works with local school districts to identify needs and develop resources, relationships, and expertise to support students, build resiliency, and pave the way for health and wellness. The first learning community has been selected, and the members are working with PAA and EDC staff. We cannot wait to share the outcomes of this first learning community with you next year!

Each day, we are reminded that “everyone has a role in prevention.” Today, our role – your role – is more important than ever. We look forward to working with you in the coming months, and please reach out to us with your ideas, suggestions, and needs.

In good health,

Fran Gerbig, Executive Director