Practical Principle 35: Resistance Skills

To encourage youth and support strong families and communities, try incorporating the Guiding Growth tips below into your daily routine

Practical Principle: Resistance Skills

Young person can resist negative peer pressure and dangerous situations.

Guiding Growths

  • Teach your son or daughter the five effective ways to resist when faced with pressure to do something unsafe, unhealthy, or illegal:

 1. Strong NO!

2. Walk away or leave the situation

3. Make an excuse as to why you cannot participate

4. Use a moral value to say No

5. And suggest an alternative activity to the negative behavior

  • Have your child(ren) create their list of “non-negotiables”: beliefs, understandings, and situations that they will not participate in regardless of who asks them to. Sit down with them and align them with family expectations and create a way that the list can be with them in any and every situation.


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