97,000 Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Linked to Alcohol

Alcohol has been linked to 97,000 sexual assaults on college campuses nationally, with 74% of perpetrators admitting to drinking alcohol before the assault occurred. Results from a variety of studies were compiled and released by Dr. Antonia Abbey of Wayne State University in Michigan.

“With alcohol being a primary factor in the majority of sexual assaults on campus, young people have to be aware of their drinking,” said Marcie Seidel, Executive Director of Drug Free Action Alliance. “Obviously, alcohol lessens inhibitions and anytime there are lowered inhibitions, there is a higher chance of devastating unintended consequences.”

Along with the number of students who have experienced alcohol-related sexual assaults, the report also states that in sexual assaults on women on college campuses, in 97% of the alcohol-related sexual assaults, both the perpetrator and victim had been drinking. Furthermore, alcohol-related sexual assaults more often occur among college students who know each other only casually and who spent time together at a party or bar. View more information on the report dealing with alcohol and sexual assault on college campuses.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month nationally with “One Too Many” serving as the 2012 theme. Along with sexual assaults, alcohol is also the leading reason for substance abuse treatment admissions in the State of Ohio and is implicated in more than 100,000 deaths nationally according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.