Victory Fridges: A Losing Idea

The last time the Cleveland Browns won a football game was December 24, 2016. So, it’s no surprise that Browns fans desperately want to see a victory.

As part of yet another sports promotion, Budweiser has decided to provide locked refrigerators filled with Bud Light. These “Victory Fridges,” locked with smart technology and placed throughout the Browns’ stadium and local bars, will automatically open once the Browns win their first football game of the regular season.

This is a clever promotion, no doubt, but it represents many public health concerns. It sets a precedent that can spiral dangerously in many directions.

Imagine the scene when the Cleveland Browns get their first win this season. Bar patrons will begin clamoring for beer from the “Victory Fridges,” perhaps jostling one another to get closer. If you shove or jostle someone who is drunk, it could result in harm for you or the other party or even spill out into a fight that hurts other bystanders. Any responsible bar owner will tell you that you have to be able to maintain control of who has alcohol and how much they’re consuming in order to provide a responsible and safe environment. What happens when someone who is under age is near one of those fridges? What about someone who has already had too much to drink?

If you’re serving alcohol, you have a responsibility to ensure that those you serve are of the legal age to drink and haven’t exceeded drinking guidelines. These Victory Fridges shirk those responsibilities and could get someone hurt.