School-Based Initiative

The Prevention Action Alliance (PAA) School-Based Initiative is dedicated to expanding mental, emotional, and behavioral health and wellness in Ohio’s K-12 schools, families, and communities.
Prevention Action Alliance K-12 School-Based Initiative logo
The goal of the PAA School-Based Initiative is to enhance the statewide education system with evidence-based prevention science, and equip Ohio’s schools, parents, and communities with effective strategies to prevent substance misuse, and other behavioral health disorders, and to support their overall health and wellness.
About the PAA School-Based Initiative

The initiative focuses on these primary strategies:

  • Providing evidence-based educational curricula trainings, for school-based personnel, community educators, and human service professionals across Ohio.
  • Developing a community of practice for schools, communities, and families who wish to expand their knowledge and practice of evidence-based prevention programs and strategies.
  • Supporting implementation fidelity, by providing technical assistance to schools, communities, and families, as they implement evidence-based prevention programs and strategies.
  • Providing professional staff to serve as members of the advisory team for the Ohio Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention.

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