Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network

The Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network (OYLPN) is a statewide network of youth-led substance misuse prevention and mental health promotion providers and youth who are committed to the cornerstones of youth-led prevention, positive youth development, youth empowerment, and peer-to-peer youth messaging.

Through the provision of practical resources, collaborative learning and professional development opportunities, and access to a network of like-minded adults and youth, OYLPN builds and expands partnerships between youth-led substance misuse prevention and youth mental health promotion programs that develop and strengthen youth-driven prevention efforts at the state and local levels.

OYLPN is in partnership with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Vision Statement
The Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network is an essential resource that supports Ohio's young prevention leaders as they engage as partners alongside adult allies to impact positive community change in their local communities and statewide environments. Youth are provided opportunities to develop and build knowledge, skills, and attitudes to leverage themselves as change makers by adult allies who provide connections to resources and advocate for their equitable participation. By investing in our youth, we are able to help them promote healthy choices for themselves and serve as change-makers for their peers and communities. 
The Ohio Youth-Led Network is comprised of:
  • Ohio Adult Allies are organized into Regional Learning Collaboratives (RLC) led by youth-led prevention subject matter experts. Adult Allies hold extensive knowledge of youth-led prevention science and experience guiding young people through the process of creating community-level change. The regional learning collaboratives are designed to be accessible to those who support youth-led programming across the state and represent a variety of community settings.
  • OYLPN Youth Council is composed of Ohio adolescents in grades 9-12 who share the common goal of expanding the understanding and importance of substance use/misuse prevention, mental health promotion and youth empowerment. Through a strategic planning process with guidance from their Adult Allies, the youth council identifies an area of focus relevant to youth and works to impact community change with their peers. Through the use of comprehensive prevention strategies, youth council members develop and implement activities and messaging around their area of focus to engage with peers and adults across the state. Learn more at the OYLPN Youth Council homepage.
  • The We Are Change Rally (formally We Are The Majority Rally) has been celebrated for over a decade. Each year, thousands of young people from across the state convene in Columbus to show their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, deconstruct the stigma around teen substance misuse, and support one another with like-minded individuals. As youth environments have evolved, young people have a greater awareness of overall mental well-being and its influence in disrupting substance use/misuse.  Healthy youth are empowered youth, and the We Are Change Rally encourages youth to become change makers to create positive change for themselves, their peers, and their communities.

To learn more about or join the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network, contact us at (614) 540-9985 or at oylpn@preventionactionalliance.org.