Ohio College Initiative


The Ohio College Initiative (OCI), originating in 1996, is a pioneering educational program dedicated to advancing accessibility and excellence in mental health and well-being for students across higher education institutions throughout the state. 

OCI focuses on inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation while providing the essential tools Universities need to ensure the comprehensive mental well-being of all students on campus.

This initiative fosters partnerships between institutions, industries, and communities, creating a dynamic network that prepares students for success. Emphasizing research and innovation, OCI aims to position Ohio's higher education campuses as a hub for the growth of mental well-being. It is more than a program; it is a catalyst for positive change – equipping students and faculty with the skills and confidence to thrive and positively impact their communities.

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To learn more about or join the Ohio College Initiative, contact us at 614-540-9985 or email oci@preventionactionallliance.org.

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