Ohio College Initiative

From its origin in 1996, the goal of the Ohio College Initiative to Enhance Student Wellness has been to reduce high-risk drinking and substance misuse through campus and community collaborations and the implementation of strategies to promote healthier campus environments.

Alcohol and drug misuse have been shown to increase a student’s risk of experiencing negative consequences such as assaults, injuries, motor vehicle crashes, and declining academic performance.

Ohio College Initiative is led by its member schools and supports campus and community coalitions that work to change the substance-related culture that can negatively impact students. The initiative focuses on these primary strategies:

  • Educating behavioral health coordinators on campuses on up-to-date evidence-based practices
  • Improving social, recreational, and academic options
  • Limiting substance availability
  • Increasing consistent enforcement of laws and policies
  • Creating a health-promoting environment

In addition to these, the Ohio College Initiative offers training programs, resources, support, and networking opportunities for member schools.

To learn more about or join the Ohio College Initiative, contact us at 614-540-9985 or email oci@preventionactionallliance.org.