Whether it is ads for alcohol during the Super Bowl, marijuana on social media, or cigarettes in gas stations, young people are surrounded with advertisements for addictive products harmful to them. This media literacy guide aids coalition staff, teachers, parents, and other individuals who work with and care for young people. It helps them teach young people to critically analyze ads for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We can reduce the influence advertisers have on young people and prevent underage drug use.

Decoded: Outsmarting Marketing in the Digital Age is a media literacy guide developed by Prevention Action Alliance to educate and advise coalition staff, teachers, parents, and other individuals who work with youth on how to teach them about the reality of targeted marketing. The guide focuses on the marketing efforts of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug companies, and it teaches how to prepare young people to be aware of the influence of advertisements and to critically consume them. Decoded will equip you with valuable information, tips for teaching media literacy, and methods for starting conversations about the effects of advertisements.

This booklet is a great resource for schools, parent groups, youth group coordinators, coaches, and many others. You can partner with local coalitions or education boards to help disseminate this critical message. Youth can be taught to guard against persuasive marketing and learn skills that prepare them for a world filled with persuasive media.

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