Prescription Drugs and You Flyer


Prescription Drugs and You is a public health awareness campaign by Prevention Action Alliance. The tagline, “Everyone has a role in prevention,” emphasizes our collective responsibility to safely use, secure, and dispose of prescription drugs. This campaign gives you the resources you need to raise awareness about the risks of prescription drug misuse as well as the behaviors needed to reduce those risks. It supports the protective factors in your community and provides opportunities to build awareness of your organization.

The Prescription Drugs and You flyer features five concrete tips for prescription drug safety, including talking to your doctor or pharmacist, using medication as directed, not sharing medications, securely storing any prescription drugs, and disposing of them safely. 50 flyers come with each pack purchased.

You can give away this flyer at community resource fairs, parent-teacher nights, forums and presentations, and anywhere people may gather. You can also partner with local doctors, psychiatrists, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to make the flyers available in their businesses or to give them out to their patients. It’s a great companion piece to the Prescription Drugs & You booklet, which dives into further detail.

Quantity: 50 per pack.

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