Prescription Drugs and You Magnets


Prescription Drugs and You is a public health awareness campaign by Prevention Action Alliance. The tagline, “Everyone has a role in prevention,” emphasizes our collective responsibility to safely use, secure, and dispose of prescription drugs. This campaign gives you the resources you need to raise awareness about the risks of prescription drug misuse as well as the behaviors needed to reduce those risks. It supports the protective factors in your community and provides opportunities to build awareness of your organization.

The Prescription Drugs and You magnets remind your audience about the campaign and its three core messages—know what’s in your medicine cabinet, secure medicine after every use, and dispose of any old or expired medicine. At 3″ by 3,” they’re a terrific resource for keeping your message front and center with your customers. Each pack comes with 25 magnets included.

The Prescription Drugs and You magnets give you the ability to take your message inside the homes of your target audience. Use volunteers and community partners, including homes for older citizens, to distribute the magnets throughout your community. Pair them with the Prescription Drugs and You flyers to make the most of your awareness effort.

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