Opioid Prevention Campaign

The opioid crisis continues to claim thousands of lives every year, and experts are increasingly worried about alarming trends among youth who are an often overlooked group in the opioid crisis despite suffering some of its sharpest consequences. The Opioid Prevention Campaign provides evidence-based explainer videos, social media content, workbooks, and fact sheets to help prevent substance use disorders among adolescents.

The Opioid Prevention Campaign is a public health media campaign to help prevent adolescent substance use. The stress and uncertainty that surrounds COVID-19 have resulted in a rise in drug and alcohol use. This campaign is here to provide you with the materials you need to share key facts and information about opioids with those you serve.

Included in the campaign are videos, social media graphics, infographics, content for educating parents, content for educating teachers, and more You’re free to download and share these resources using the links below. You can also access the full suite of resources via Google Drive.

Fact Sheets

How Addiction Hijacks the Brain

Addiction and the Brain

How to Practice Refusal Skills

Teens and Opioids

Social Media Graphics

Opioid Prevention Campaign – Facebook and Instagram Graphics

Opioid Prevention Campaign – Twitter Graphics


12 Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Addiction

7 Things Teachers Can Do to Prevent Addiction

Teens: How Opioids Impact You

12 Things Parents Can Do Guides

12 Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Addiction

12 Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Teen Opioid Use and Addiction