Practical Principle 38: Self-Esteem

To encourage youth and support strong families and communities, try incorporating the Guiding Growth tips below into your daily routine

Practical Principle: Self-Esteem

Young person reports having a high self-esteem.

Guiding Growths

Use the FAST acronym to help your son or daughter grow his/her/their self-esteem.

F: Be Fair to yourself and others.
A: Apologize less. give no unjustified apologies for your thoughts, feelings, opinions or choices.
S: Stick to your values. Don’t desert them to gain the approval of others.
T: Be Truthful, honest, and do not exaggerate your reality.

Demonstrate positive self-talk for your son or daughter when you do not accomplish a task as you had hoped to. Use that moment to explain that sometimes success is defined by learning from mistakes rather than achieving your goal.