Prevention Action & Advocacy Summit on Vaping

Thank you for coming to the Prevention Action & Advocacy Summit on Vaping! On this page, you’ll find descriptions of each of our sessions and links to PDFs of the presentations. We recommend you bookmark this page so you can return to it later when needed.

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Vaping 101

By Logan Kazelman

“Pod,” “atomizer,” “Juul,” “e-juice”? Many people would love to do something about the vaping epidemic…if only they knew more about it. Enter Logan Kazelman, a high school student active in youth-led prevention who regularly provides presentations to parents and other community members so they can catch up on the basics of vaping and e-cigarettes. In his session, Logan will describe different kinds of electronic cigarette devices, share the health history behind this new style of smoking, and demonstrate how manufacturers market this sleek design to teens and young adults. This session is recommended for anyone who needs to learn the basics of vaping and e-cigarette use as this information will not be covered in additional sessions.

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Announcing: Addiction Policy Forum’s Protect Your Brain Campaign

By Lisbet Portman

Join Addiction Policy Forum for the launch of their new vaping toolkit and video, “Vaping: The Hit Your Brain Takes,” part of their Protect Your Brain prevention campaign for middle and high school students. This free, open-source vaping toolkit has two goals: to educate young people about vaping to disincentivize use; and to empower adults to recognize the signs of youth e-cigarette use and effectively intervene at school and at home. You’ll learn about campaign components, including a school-based disciplinary intervention, lesson plans, policy recommendations, fact sheets, and more. This campaign was developed in collaboration with educators, students, and experts in adolescent medicine and prevention. Campaign swag is available to participants while supplies last, and all materials can be accessed by visiting

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The Role of School Policy in Responding to the Vaping Crisis

By Chuck Klevgaard

This workshop will outline the impact of vaping on the school environment and the need to employ a comprehensive response on multiple levels with an emphasis on the role for school policy.

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Advocacy 101

By Jean-Philippe Dorval

Jean-Philippe Dorval, Manager of Legislative Affairs and Administrative Services at Prevention Action Alliance will be providing an interactive presentation on How to Advocate to Ohio’s Legislative Body and the differences between Advocacy and Lobbying. The topics to be touched on include:

  • General Assembly Structure
  • Difference between Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Ways to contact your legislator (state level)
  • How to find an ally is the state legislature

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E-Cigarette Use Among Vulnerable Populations

By Megan Roberts

Megan Roberts, Ph.D., will provide an overview of e-cigarette use among vulnerable populations. Her presentation will begin by describing the history of tobacco industry marketing, and how youth and other vulnerable populations have been targeted (e.g., racial/ethnic minorities, LGBT+ individuals). She will then present on the current prevalence of e-cigarette use among youth and other vulnerable populations. Finally, she will discuss the currently-known risk factors for e-cigarette use, including special considerations for working with vulnerable groups.

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Cincinnati T21: Tackling Youth E-Cigarette Use Through Local Policy Change

By Megan Folkerth

Megan Folkerth will present on community policies to prevent youth e-cigarette use and share her experiences to engage decision-makers in Cincinnati around the adoption of Tobacco 21, a policy primarily characterized by a provision to raise the minimum legal sales age of tobacco products to 21, but which often accompanies a wide range of enforcement and other regulatory measures. Attendees will learn how to strengthen local e-cigarette prevention and enforcement policies as well as their advocacy skills when speaking with local policymakers.

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The Health Effects of Vaping

By Michele Dritz

With youth vaping on the rise and the short-term and long-term risks still unclear, this presentation is designed to cover the latest research on the health effects of adolescent e-cigarette use. Topics covered include: the known risks and concerns of e-cigarette use, the important enhanced risks of nicotine exposure on the developing adolescent brain and the most recent life-threatening medical consequences of EVALI (E-cigarette/Vaping product use Associated Lung Injury).

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School Administration Panel: Challenges & Successes in Addressing the Vaping Crisis

By Bobby Persinger

Peer pressure and easy access to e-cigarettes has transformed school hallways, bathrooms, and parking lots into prime locations for students to initiate and become addicted to this new form of tobacco. A panel of school administration officials will share how several Ohio middle and high schools have addressed e-cigarette use on school property, including: updates to school policies, technological solutions, and education initiatives. Participants will also receive advice on how to engage school administration in their own districts around improving or strengthening school interventions. The panel will conclude with questions from the audience.

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Training in Action: A Facilitated Conversation

By Chuck Klevgaard and Rachael Kenter

At the end of a conference, the information gleaned from sessions often sits in attendees’ notes, later filed away and never to be touched again. But the information shared today is valuable. This session will give participants time for a structured conversation about how to take what they learned and apply it to their work next week. Through peer-to-peer learning and technical assistance from state and national experts, participants will create strategies and develop a framework for incorporating takeaways from today’s conference into their everyday operations and long-term goals.

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Vaping Focus Groups: A How To and Resource Guide

Focus groups are routinely employed to supplement survey data and generate explanations for beliefs, attitudes and behaviors not captured by quantitative research. So when the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network’s Youth Council had questions about vaping they couldn’t answer with local data sets, they designed their own research project to fill in the gaps.

Participants of this session will learn how the Youth Council decided to conduct focus groups in their schools, how they developed the tools needed for their research project, and what their results were. Research and planning best practices mix with case study details to help participants plan focus groups in their own communities and utilize Youth Council materials as designed or as templates for individual need.

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Out Wit, Out Play, Our Last

By Wendy Hyde

Although traditional tobacco use among youth has decreased in recent years, findings reveal a substantial increase in youth use of other nicotine delivery systems, including e-cigarettes and JUUL. Enthusiasm for youth tobacco use prevention has also surged, with thought leaders, coalitions, and policymakers converging around the Tobacco 21 movement to address the youth e-cigarette epidemic. In our afternoon keynote, Wendy Hyde from the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation will review Ohio’s new Tobacco 21 policy and how advocates can work within their communities to strengthen tobacco control measures and out wit, out play, and out last the control, influence, and impact of the tobacco industry.

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